Vesuvius Volcanopedia (Free Android App)

Your guide to the status, hazards, eruptions and history of Vesuvius volcano.

Vesuvius Volcanopedia is your complete pocket guide to Vesuvius, the most famous of all historically active volcanoes. Designed by a volcanologist it provides the current status of the volcano, descriptions and interactive maps of its major eruptions, and illustrated outlines of its influence on human history.


– webcam image of Vesuvius
– current estimated probability of eruption by Italian authorities
– your location relative to the central vent at the summit of the Grand Cone
– whether you are you in the Red or Yellow Hazard Zones
– latest updates of Timeline articles


– interactive map of the major historical lava flows and pyroclastic deposits
– interactive map of the Hazard Zones
– 10 km radius circle around Vesuvius
– terrain or satellite base map
– map of other Italian volcanoes which have been active during the growth of Vesuvius


– descriptions of the major eruptions of Vesuvius including the volcanic events, areas affected, casualties and damage and the historical context, with maps of deposits, historical photographs and images
– descriptions, historical photographs and images of events, people and places associated with Vesuvius from Bronze Age settlements and the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, through the 18th century Grand Tour discoveries in science and art, to modern tourism and eruption monitoring.


– the night-time seismometer detects any phone movements while you sleep which may be earthquakes. Possible earthquakes are identified when two or more phones within a defined area detect movement at the same time.
– find out if any earthquakes occurred within 10 km of Vesuvius during the night
– find out if earthquakes affected you during the night
(this feature is experimental and as of 15 October 2018 it’s not yet clear it will work..)

For visitors Vesuvius Volcanopedia provides considerable depth and breadth of information that will enhance the unique and fascinating experience of walking by the crater and talking with the guides. It also provides unparalleled situational awareness, just in case Vesuvius starts to re-awaken.

For residents around Vesuvius, who live with the threat of a Vesuvius eruption every day, Vesuvius Volcanopedia provides awareness of the volcano status, their location relative to potential hazards, and knowledge of what has happened before.

The information used by Vesuvius Volcanopedia has been compiled from publicly available sources and is subject to continuous improvement. Corrections and suggestions for new features are welcome.


Discussion and further information is available on our Vesuvius Volcanopedia Facebook Page

Privacy Policy

Vesuvius Volcanopedia does not collect any personally identifiable information, however it’s night-time seismometer function does collect and store the location of your device as well as the times of any phone movement detections between 10 pm and 6 am. The data are deleted after 48 hours and not shared with any third party.

The location and time data from many users allow the app to identify possible night-time earthquakes in two specific areas: 1) within 10 km of Vesuvius and 2) within 10 km of your phone.

If don’t wish to participate in this function you may switch it off in the Settings page. You will still see possible earthquake results obtained from data collected from other users.

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